Who is Pete?

Pete Gustavson (née Scapegrace) is a multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter residing in southeast Pennsylvania. He writes songs about love and life and death and the ache of regret, and enjoys reinterpreting well-known classics from the American songbook.

From 1997 to 2008, he won some regional acclaim north of the Mason-Dixon Line as a founding member of the countrifunked jazzabilly band The Unpronounceable, performing and recording under the name Jorgé Beefalo.

As an acoustic soloist, he calls upon influences ranging from '40s torch songs to '90s Alternative Rock, and pulling at the strings that tie Old-time Country to '60s Folk-Rock. The resulting Americana mash-up evokes the sweetness of Jim Croce, the plaintive croon of Chris Isaak, and the resonant energy of Richie Havens.